Kaspersky Network Agent: Fatel error during installation


While attempting to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 on a freshly built computer the installation of the Network Agent failed with the less thn helpful message "Fatal error during installation".


In C:\Windows\Tenp\ the $klnagent-<timestamp>.log file contained the lines;

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VMware VMRC: Failed to install hcmon driver


When trying to install VMware VMRC on Windows 10 the installer fails with error "Failed to install hcmon driver"

In my case I was trying to install version 7.0.1-2508353



Run the installer with elevated privileges.

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VMware: Unable to access file since it is locked


I recently had a problem where the backup of one of my VMware vSphere Guest servers created a 400Gb snapshot and filled up the datastore.

After deleting the offending snapshot VMware informed me I needed to consolidate the disks. When attempting to consolidate the disks I keep receiving the following notification;

"Unable to access file since it is locked. An error occurred while consolidating disks: One or more disks are busy."

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Searching for Active Directory objects that contain a work


I am trying to find a group in Active Directory Users and Computers that I know contains the word "Visio". However I don't know what the group name starts with.


Active Directory Users and Computers make it pretty easy to search for a user, group or other object that starts with the text you are looking for. You simply change the find dropdown to the correct object type, enter the text you are looking for and press Find Now.

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Backup Exec RALUS Agent for Linux - Failure to browse [Root]


Recently I installed the Backup Exec Agent for Linux (RALUS) on to a couple of SLES servers. The installation went fine with no errors, but when trying to create backup jobs I was getting some kind of permissions issue "Failure to browse [ROOT]"

backup exec ralus 1-1.PNG

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SQL Script - Report the disk size each table is using in a database

The below sql script will return a list of tables in a database along with the table sizes in MB.


select object_name(id) [Table Name], 
[Table Size] = convert (varchar, dpages * 8 / 1024) + 'MB' 
from sysindexes where indid in (0,1) 
order by dpages desc

​You will get a report like the below;



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VMware: The parent virtual disk has been modified since the child was created. The content ID of the parent virtual disk does not match the correspond- ing parent content ID in the child


After my weekend backups I was greeted this morning with a virtual guest that would not power on, instead I was getting the below error;




An on the summary tab for the virtual server I had a message informing me the "Virtual machine disks consolidation is needed"


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Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Set CoexistenceConfigureation Error

While setting up Office 365 I ran into an issue with the Active Directory Synchronization tool, at the configuration stage I was presented with the error "Set-CoexistenceConfiguration was unable to modify the source properties. See the event logs for more detailed information"


When looking in the Application event log there was a few messages about a MSQL "could not be found in the forest"

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Unable to delete a folder with a trailing space


Two folders on a file server I administer had been created with a space at the end of the folder name.


If I tried to delete these folders I got the message "Could not find the item"


If I tried to view the security I got the message "The requested security information is either unavailable or can't be displayed"


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Changing a Windows Product Key Using Command Prompt

From time to time the need arises to change a Windows product key, the below uses slmgr.vbs to change the Windows product key and activates Windows;

- Open an Administrative Command Prompt

- Enter the command slmgr.vbs /ipk <product key>

- Enter the command slmgr.vbs /ato

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