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Tips, scripts and fixes I have found as a Systems Administrator


When trying to add a single shared mailbox to Outlook I was getting the generic message. “The set of folders cannot be opened. The file … is in use and cannot be accessed. Close any application that is using this file, and then try again, You might need to restart your computer”. This shared mailbox worked fine in Outlook web access.

The set of folders cannot be opened


The issue was only effecting a single mailbox, this mailbox was using a a newly added domain name separate to other mailboxes.

It turned out the autodiscover CNAME record had not been set correctly for the domain, resulting in the Outlook client being unable to locate the server for the mailbox.

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The following PowerShell snippet can be used to to export the results of a message trace, unfortunately at the time of writing the Office365 portal does not allow you to do this in the GUI.


Connecting to Office365 via Powershell

Exporting messages based on the sender address

Note the dates and in the american format mm/dd/yy

Exporting messages based on the recipient address

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After setting up Android Studio on mu Ubuntu laptop I attempted to check out some of my code using Git version control, and instead I was greeted with the message Clone failed – Failed to start Git process

failed to start Git process


In my case nice and simple, I had forgot to install Git first, doh.

If you are getting the same on Windows, check you have Git installed and that the program directory is in your PATH environment variable.

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When trying to setup Android Studio on my Ubuntu 15.10 laptop, the Android components would not download Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool

Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool


I needed to install lib32stdc++6


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I just tried to install VMware vCenter 6 Update 1 on a lab server, however my lab server barely failed the minimum requirements for RAM. VMware vCenter Server detected 8005MB of memory. 8176MB of memory is required for the selected deployment type

VMware vCenter Server detected 8005MB of memory. 8176MB of memory is required for the selected deployment type


Credit to Novakin for commenting below with this method.

You can get the installer to skip all hardware checks using the argument SKIP_HARDWARE_CHECKS=1 

For example;

Workaround – Alternative Method

As this was a non production server I did not want to add more RAM just because I was 171Mb short. So instead I went about modifying the the hardware requirements using a MSI transform file.

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The below VBS script will run a command on all computers in the Active Directory OU defined by LDAPPath =

The script depends on the Windows Sysinternals tool PsExec, you will need to download and exact PsExec and place in in the same folder as the script.

In this case I am using the script and PsExec to run the command “IPConfig /flushdns” on all computers in the my “Servers” OU, the script could easily be adapted to to run something different.


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The below PowerShell script queries a remote computers event log to retieve the event log id’s relating to Logon 7001 and Logoff 7002. Creating a nice little audit of when the computer was logged on and off.

At the bottom of the script you will need to change the computer name and you can change the number of days if required.

The remote computer will need to be online and the “Remote Registry” service needs to be started, this can be done remotely using service.msc and selecting “Connect to another computer” in the actions menu.

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The below script will find the screen aspect ratio of a computers primary video controller by querying WMI.

The script stores the horizontal and vertical resolution for each video controller in an array and returns the result of dividing the horizontal by the vertical for the first controller. If the computer has any other controllers there resolutions will also be in the array.

You could modify this script and use it for a few different purposes, I have used this method to deploy wallpapers to computers with the correct aspect ratio.

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