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Office 365 – PowerShell to list mailboxes that have an Out of Office Auto Reply enabled

The below is a little example of how to list all mailbox in Office 365 that have an Out of Office or an auto reply set. Connecting to Office 365 PowerShell $UserCredential = Get-Credential $Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $UserCredential -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection Import-PSSession $Session 123 $UserCredential = Get-Credential$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $UserCredential -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirectionImport-PSSession $Session Option 1 : List just the identities that have an Out of Office / Auto Reply Set PowerShell Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration | Where-Object { $_.AutoReplyState -eq "scheduled" } | fl identity 1 Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration...

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ePSXe has stopped working

On my Windows 10 computer I recently downloaded the ePSXe emulator to play some PlayStation 1 games. Unfortunately every time I tried to run a game or even just load the bios ePSXe would crash. The solution was pretty simple under the Options menu I set the CPU overclocking to x1. Nothing was previously...

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Citrix Reciever – Cannot start app. Please contact your helpdesk

Problem: After publishing an application which used a UNC path for the location in Citrix XenApp. The application would fail to load via Citrix Receiver instead I would get the vague message “Cannot start app. Please contact your helpdesk”. All of my other applications were fine. Solution – Method 1: The reason you get this message when loading  a published UNC path is because broke publishing UNC paths by design when a feature was added to XenApp 6. XenApp 6.0 adds a new check called the Application Installation Check during load balancing to ensure that the published application exists on the server....

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Outlook – Finding the last modified date of an email

If in Outlook you need to find the last modified date for a message  you can simply select it in the message list and press Alt+Enter To add the last modified date as a column in the message list you would; Go to the View ribbon Select Add column Change the “Select available columns from” drop down to “Date/time fields” Add modified to the right Change the order as required Press...

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Office 365 – PowerShell to list email forwarding rules for all mailboxes

The below is a little example of how to extract a list of the configured Office 365 email forwarding settings using the cmdlet get-mailbox for all mailboxes Three columns will be returned; UserPrincipalName: The users Office 365 username ForwardSmtpAddress: If defined this is the email address messaged are being forwarded to, else forwarding is not enabled. DeliverToMailboxAndForward: If set to true a copy is keep in the mailbox in addition to being forwarded, else no local copy is...

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