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DHCP Failover – Error 20010 The specified option does not exist

Problem: When configuring DHCP failover for one of my scopes the process kept failing with the message “Configure failover failed. Error 20010. The specified option does not exist” Workaround: Right-clicking on IPv4 and selecting “Set Predefined Options” I confirmed that both DHCP servers had the same custom options created. This is the normal cause of this message, however in my case even though both servers had the exact same predefined options configured the message persisted. I narrowed the issue down to a particular option by creating a new test scope with the same options and removing the configured options...

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DHCP Server Autorisation Issue – The specified servers are already present in the Directory Service

After building a Windows 2016 DHCP server I attempted to authorise the server in AD but kept getting the message “The specified servers are already present in the Directory Service”. I have never had a Windows server with this host name so was a but confused. The solution was simple enough, I opened sevices.msc and restarted the “DHCP Server”...

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PCSXR on Ubuntu : /libpcsxcore/ix86_64/ix86-64.c:160: MEMADDR_OP: Assertion `!isreg || reg != X86_TEMP’ failed

Problem: After installing the PlayStation 1 emulator PCSXR from the Ubuntu repo I would get the below error whenever I tried to run a disk or a disk image. Shell pcsxr: ../libpcsxcore/ix86_64/ix86-64.c:160: MEMADDR_OP: Assertion `!isreg || reg != X86_TEMP' failed. Aborted (core dumped) 12 pcsxr: ../libpcsxcore/ix86_64/ix86-64.c:160: MEMADDR_OP: Assertion `!isreg || reg != X86_TEMP' failed.Aborted (core dumped) Solution: In your home directory view hidden folders by pressing CTRL+H and open the .pcsxr folder Edit the pcsxr.cfg file Change the CPU value from 0 to 1. This apparently “disables dynamic binary translation in favour of a pure...

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Office 365 – Exporting a Mailbox as a PST file using eDiscovery

The steps here will detail the process of exporting a users Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox as a PST file. Note: The ability to export the results of an eDiscovery search is an E3 feature. Login into the Exchange Admin Center at Under “compliance management” select the “in-place eDiscovery & hold” tab and click the plus icon to create a new search rule Complete the “Name”and “Description” fields and click Next Make sure “Specify mailboxes to search” is select and use the plus icon to search add the mailbox you wish to export and click...

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Office 365 – Deleting an email from all mailboxes using the Content Search feature

Overview I recently had a need to delete a phishing email that had slipped through my emailing filter solution. Manually deleting the email from hundreds of mailboxes wouldn’t have been fun or quick so I can came up the below solution. The Office 365 Content Search feature can be used to search Exchange, Skype and SharePoint amongst other things. In my case I wanted to search and delete all exchange email delivered after a certain date with a specific keyword in the subject. Step 1: Creating the Content Search Rule Head over to Expand Search & Investigation =>...

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