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Unable to manually failover a SQL Availability Group

Problem After recently setting up a SQL Availability Group my automatic and manual failovers were not working. When I attempted a manual failover I received the error “Failed to perform a manual failover of the availability group“…..“Failed to bring availability group xxx oline. The operation timed out”……“41131” Solution To start with I used RDP to connect to one of the SQL server and ran the below PowerShell to download the Cluster logs which are far more useful that the displayed message. PowerShell Get-ClusterLog -Destination C:\temp 1 Get-ClusterLog -Destination...

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SQL Availability Group Setup – The local node is not part of quorum

Problem While trying to setup a couple of SQL Enterprise servers in an Availability Group I kept getting the message “The local node is not part of quorum and is therefore unable to process this operation” I had already setup Windows Failover Clustering with a cloud witness for the quorum. and ticked “Enable AlwaysoOn Availability Groups” in SQL Server Configuration Manager Solution I had done things in the wrong order. I had ticked “Enable AlwaysoOn Availability Groups” in SQL Server Configuration Manager before setting up my Windows Cluster and my cloud...

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VMware – Failed to lock the file

Problem: I recently had an issue powering on a VMware guest after a HA problem with one of my host, when I attempted to power on the guest I received the message “Failed to lock the file” in vCentre. Within the vmware.log file for the guest it gave the name of the file that was locked. Solution: On one of my hosts I enabled and logged on as root using SSH Running the command vmfsfilelockinfo -p with the full path of the locked file from the vmware.log file showed which host was locking the...

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Cisco: Warning: SFP gbic-security check fail and gbic-invalid

Problem: I recently had to use some none Cisco 10Gbs copper SFP’s in a 3850 stack. On inserting the SFP’s the interfaces went into err-disabled status and looking in the log I was getting the message “Warning: SFP gbic-security check fail” and “gbic-invalid”. Solution: Using the below commands I was able to get the device to not put the the interface into err-disabled when a non Cisco SFP was used. service unsupported-transceiver no errdisable detect cause gbic-invalid 12 service unsupported-transceiverno errdisable detect cause gbic-invalid   I then had run a shut and a no shut on the interface, after...

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