Problem – Backup Exec RALUS Agent for Linux – Failure to browse [Root]

Recently I installed the Backup Exec Agent for Linux (RALUS) on to a couple of SLES servers. The installation went fine with no errors, but when trying to create backup jobs I was getting some kind of permissions issue “Failure to browse [ROOT]”

Backup Exec RALUS Agent for Linux - Failure to browse [Root]


After some digging I found there was a .gvfs folder under a users home folder that root did not have permissions to.

When I ran the command find / -name beremote while logged on via SSH as root I was getting the below permissions denied message.

backup exec ralus 4-1.png


I found a few other webpages with people having permission issues with .gvfs such as;

The solution that worked for me was to run the below commands;

umount /home/<useraccount>/.gvfs
find . -inum 554009 -exec rm{} \;
rm -rf .gvfs


backup exec ralus 4-2.png

After that backup exec was able to browse the server and the credentials tested find.

UPDATE: After patching the server at a latter date I had to re-apply the fix