I recently had a case where one of of my colleagues was performing a mail merge from an Excel document. All the dates were showing in the American format. In Excel the dates were in the UK format but when the data came across in the mail merge they were changed to month day rather than day month.

This guide will show you how you can change the date format to the UK format, but the process would be identical if you need to format the date to any other format.

  • Open Word and run through the Mail Merge wizard.
  • Insert all of your fields 
  • At step 4 “Write you letter” right-click you date field and select “Toggle Field Codes”
  • Your field will now appear like this {MERGEFILED “Date”} where Date is the name of your filed (column heading in Excel).
  • After the field name and before the end curly bracket add a space and the string \@ “dd/MM/yy”



  • Right-click on your field again and select “Toggle Field Codes” to get back to the normal view.
  • Repeat for any other date fields.
  • Preview and finish your mail merge now with UK dates