I am preparing for the exam AZ-100 on the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate track. The below are my study notes on Resource Groups.

These are intended as post study revision notes, you will probably need more than these to pass the exam, But hopefully they will help you out.

What is a Resource Group?

Azure Resource Group Icon

A Resource Group allows you to logically group related resources. Think Active Directory Organisational Unit. Resource Groups allow you to manage the group members as a single item.

They have some cool features which will come on to later including locks, access control, policies, tags, alerts and metrics.

Creating a Resource Group

When creating a resource group you can use any of the below methods. There are two required settings, a name and a location. The locations is where the resource group will be created but the resources in the group do not need to be in this location. As well as these methods you can generally create a new resource group at the same time as you creating other resources.

Using the Portal

Either click “Create a resource” search for “Resource Group” and press Create. Or navigation to “Resource Groups” and click “Add”

Give the resource group a name and a location. If you have more than one subscription you may need to change the subscription. Click Create

Using PowerShell

I like to use the “Cloud Shell” from the Azure portal to get connected. On the portal click the “Cloud Shell” icon at the top. If this is your first time connecting you will need to select PowerShell and let Azure create a storage account.

Cloud Shell Icon


You cab use tab completion to help you out, for example after -Location you can double tap the TAB key to get a list of the supported locations.

Using the AzureCLI

From the Portal select the “Cloud Shell” icon at the top. Again is this is your first time connecting using the CloudShell you will need to select PowerShell and let Azure create a storage account.


Author: Phil Eddies

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